Global Event Strategies

Planning • Marketing • Implementation

Some Current and Past Projects

• Develop and implement event company’s global JV strategy, identify partners, negotiate and conclude JV’s and manage relationships

• Develop an integrated global strategic plan for large US association

• Develop, implement and manage /direct global sales networks for multiple shows and US organizers (association and independent)

• Develop, implement and manage/direct a Mexican trade show organizer’s global business program including establishing a global sales network

• Represent, negotiate and close German organizations’s acquisition of a large US media company’s Brazilian subsidiary

• Represent, negotiate and close a global media company’s sale of its Australian business

• Represent, negotiate and close a Hong Kong company’s event in China to a major global organizer

• Plan, negotiate, close and manage JV organizing business in Mexico for own and partners account

• Plan, implement and manage new event in China for large global organizing company

• Act as Director, Business Development (global and domestic) for medium sized US organizer

• Manage US association’s Asian conference program (China, India, Taiwan)

• Develop, implement and manage licensing strategies for two medium sized US organizers and licensed multiple events in the UK, Belgium, Dubai, Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan

• Develop, implement and manage Latin American company’s global JV program; identify partners, negotiate agreements (including Mexico, Brazil, Spain, South Asia)

• Develop, implement, direct and manage global sales networks for multiple shows and organizers (association and independent)

• Develop, implement and manage global sales strategy and establish global sales networks for  a Trade Show Executive Top 100 event  and others

• Develop, implement and manage visitor acquisition program for large US event

• Recommend launch strategy for US association’s Asian event program

• Provide valuation analysis for US association’s European and Asian business, as well as providing compensation study for their European director; valued 2 US businesses for acquisition discussions

• Represent a Hong Kong company in their sale of a Chinese event and subsequently represented the same company in the sale offering of all their assets to a UK based company

• Represent a Latin American organizer’s  sale of its organizing business

• Manage and direct a global media company’s Mexican trade show program

• Business development director for major Mexican venue

• Business development director for leading Singapore venue

• Develop and implement awareness campaign for 3 Asian venues (China, Japan and Singapore)