Global Event Strategies

Planning • Marketing • Implementation

What We Do

An outsourced resource can be extremely efficient, cost effective, and beneficial in supplementing your current efforts, assisting existing staff, and/or alleviating pressures on current resources allowing you and them to focus on other priorities. This new resource can then focus on your global development to help you achieve these goals in the following ways:

  • Identify new opportunities globally
    Opportunities abound across the globe to add revenue and profit. It’s a matter of knowing where, what and when—and then having the time to see if they are right, and go after them.
  • Develop and implement the Strategic Plan
    Whether it is a joint venture, a cooperative/strategic relationship, launching your own event, merger/acquisition/divestiture, developing a global sales network or other global activity, a good plan with a strategy and the right objectives needs to be developed.
  • Contact potential strategic partners
    Knowing the opportunities is one thing, being able to contact the right partners for you is another, requiring knowledge of the market and experience—and it is critical to achieving success.
  • Work with you in the negotiation process
    Structuring an agreement that is win-win takes knowledge of what works in certain markets and relationships—and negotiating it takes focus, time, flexibility and persistence.
  • Implement the Plan!
    Having it is great but the success of achieving the Plan hinges on having the focused resources to really follow through and implement—requiring experience and patience when dealing long distances in different time zones and different cultures.
  • Assist in the organization, direction, management, marketing and production of an event, or run it for you
    If you are in a joint venture, organizing your own event or producing a national industry pavillion, someone experienced in all phases and processes of organizing events globally is essential—and has the sufficient time to do so!
  • Build your international sales team
    Grow your event even more by setting up, then managing/directing, a strong, cohesive international sales team to bring in international exhibitors (or more of them!)—and make this team a part of your overall global sales and marketing effort.
  • Follow through to success
    Need we say more? Time is the key issue here.
  • Assist in establishing international chapters
    For some associations, this is a strategic goal—although having the resources to focus on it is difficult due to other priorities.
  • Help you achieve the Goals and Objectives!
    Having an outsourced resource available when urgencies and other issues arise that needs your time and focus is critical to achieving—and exceeding—these program goals and objectives.